Scents by ATLamar


I, ATLamar, not only hand craft these oils, but m also responsible for this website and every other detail of this operation. 

CALL ME. I don't mind delivering but it will be an extra $10. $15 for shipping if you're outside of Atlanta or Covid conscious. 

3 bottles of 1 oz roll on fragrance oil just $25 

1 oz roll on natural oil just $20

Fragrance oil VS Natural Oil

Simply put essential oils are derived from plants and fragrance oils are a mystery concoction of undisclosed synthetic chemicals.

Many skincare products, soaps and candles, even those labeled "natural" often contain fragrance oils.

Fragrance oils are found in most commercially offered cleaning products, room fresheners, personal care products, laundry soap, stationary, hand sanitizers, baby diapers, toilet paper, tampons, food, drinks, candy, toys, and so much more. Many commercial products opt for synthetic oils because they hold their fragrance for much longer than naturally occurring fragrances. 

Essential oils are derived from naturally occurring plant parts, and when used in minute amounts can be safe to ingest. These oils aren't just cologne and perfume. These oils are safe to ingest and based in jojoba oil so it also works as massage oil, lubricant, aroma therapy, and some like Black Diamond,  are even good for pain relief.